Since the 1stof April, our SWISS BIOHEALTH patients and SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION students can enjoy further services: The SOUL FOOD vegan café & take away  offers a wide selection of the tastiest and healthiest products. And in the SWISS BIOHEALTH Apartment, the newly-operated patients can expect perfect conditions for a healthy and healing stay!

SOUL FOOD vegan café & take away

The SOUL FOOD vegan café & take away is located in the same building complex of the CLINIC and the Education Centre. Stylistically it is in no way inferior to the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC and the Education Centre and creates a healthy and comfortable environment for your stay with us. The spacious lounge area invites you to linger long time for family relatives and accompanying persons. The restaurant area, designed out of swiss oak is perfect for enjoying our sophisticated range of food: soups, cereals, bowls and salads are, like all other SOUL FOOD vegan café & take away products, gluten-, sugar- and milk protein-free. But also, the super tasty smoothies, juices, organic coffee and tea variations are sweetened exclusively with date sweetener, coconut blossom sugar and stevia – all long-chain carbohydrates that not only lower your insulin levels but also do not harm your teeth. The offer is rounded off by a variety of our hand-picked healthy snacks, such as Nuts, vegetable chips, cashew yoghurt and, of course, our proprietary SDS supplements, such as BASELINE, BOOST and BIG5.

This setup will not only give freshly operated and moderately restricted patients every opportunity to eat healthy and delicious foods, but also, the escorts can enjoy the waiting time in the most beautiful EMF-free atmosphere and will be kept up to date by our reception about the progress of the operation. Course participants and interns will also be able to provide themselves with healthy and energy-giving products during the breaks and between the live operating sessions. At the SOUL FOOD you can not only pay in cash or by card, but you can also debit directly from a rechargeable prepaid card. The participants of the SWISS BIOHEALTH EDUCATION CENTER will now have a credit on their name tag, which they can consume according to their taste. However, there is a third group that enjoys this visionary concept and that is the staff of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, the Education Centre and the team of the ceramic implant company SDS Swiss Dental Solutions. Because the healthier and more energetic we are, the better service and the better performance we can offer to you!


The SWISS BIOHEALTH Apartment is located directly above the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC and has a very spacious balcony that invites you to relax towards the sunshine in the beautiful inner garden of the complex. The apartment has been furnished by us exclusively with healthy materials, so it has e.g. over no carpet, but an oiled wooden floor. The spacious bathroom contains a bathtub for the recommended base bath. Since the freshly operated patients often prefer to sleep alone, we have set up a second bedroom for the accompanying person(s). The patient’s bedroom has the stationary, powerful and quiet Hilotherm cooling unit, which should be worn by our patients for the first 72 hours if possible, to avoid any pain and swelling. Of course, we also screened this bedroom against EMF and installed a Faraday canopy over the bed. In addition, the Vivobase shielding device is installed and the kitchen will also have a Futomat for the production of purified and oxygenated drinking water.

The spacious living and dining area is bright and comfortable and allows you and your accompanying person(s) to spend the stay with us in the best and healthiest atmosphere. Another big advantage is that the patients can reach the clinic in a few seconds for aftertreatment, almost “in a bathrobe” via the elevator. Your accompanying person(s) will provide you and yourself in the apartment with the delicious food of the SOUL FOOD or by calling your request directly to the team.

We look ahead to further improving your health and your parasympathetic system with this extraordinary new service and are now looking forward to your feedback, as this should put you in a position to create the same perfect conditions for yourself as Dr. Volz did by his own operation in the blog post from 22.2.2019.

Your team at the SWISS BIOHEALTH Clinic and
the SOUL FOOD vegan café & take away!

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