My personal and professional involvement in biological medicine and dentistry for over 30 years has shown me that there are a few key factors that have an oversized effect on our health and performance according to the Pareto principle (80/20 principle). Biological dentistry shows an outstanding special position here, as the dead teeth and toxic materials in the oral cavity are responsible for about 60 to 80% of all chronic diseases according to estimates of opinion leaders and our own observations.

Another special feature is the vitamin D3 produced by sunlight, which, after metabolism in the individual cells, liver and kidney, becomes the most important hormone in our body, the calcitriol, controlling around 2,000 genes. The increasing exposure to high frequency microwaves in the form of WiFi and mobile phone radiation (EMF) is having an increasingly negative impact on our health as the tissues in our body are heated (bones, brain etc. – read more -,  and we are pushed by the radiation more and more in the sympathetic (stress) mode and in addition, our sleep quality suffers.

In the last 6 months, I have dealt with sleep very intensively and measured the parameters such as sleep cycles, regeneration, stress and HRV with the Oura-Ring, the Vitalmonitor and the Biovotion (read here about my own experiences) and thereby examined the various influences on sleep. Today, more than ever, I’m sure that healthy and undisturbed sleep is another underestimated key to health and performance. In the following post I will summarize the basics for you and highlight the most important “hacks” for a perfect and regenerative sleep.

About 60% of the western population are either lacking sleep or suffering from a sleep disorder. Especially the DEEP SLEEP which is supposed to be up to 35% of the overall sleep went down to an average of 10% in most of the adults!
In the DEEP SLEEP mode we are repairing our cells, filling up our energy stores, activating our immune system, building HGH (Human Groth Hormon) and new muscles. As well we are detoxing especially the most important organ, our brain, which is the only organ we can`t replace. 

This occurs because the brain cells shrink by up to 60% during the night, opening up a gap (“glyphatic space”) through which the toxins and waste can be diverted via the large jugular veins (Lulu Xie et al .: Sleep Drives Metabolite Clearance from the Adult Brain, Science 342, 373 (2013); DOI: 10.1126 / science.1241224). Therefore, the bite height of the dentures is so important. If this is too low, the jugular veins are narrowed and the lymph cannot drain. Of course, then in this case, the supply of oxygen is reduced ( That is why we at the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC are testing the bite -, height and position with the ART (Autonomous Response Test) according to Dr. med. Klinghardt and often make an additional detoxification rail for the night, if we cannot directly produce the required bite height with the dentures. Moreover, during the night we are regenerating and storing what we‘ve learned during the day and therefore improving our memory.

Effects of lack of sleep

So a lack of DEEP SLEEP will be very dangerous for your mental and physical health and I would highly recommend to track your sleep stages with the amazing OURA-ring). 

The two evil twins destroying our sleep are Cortisol and Insuline because they will antagonize the Melatonin production, which is crucial for the (deep) sleep mode. Though it`s obvious that everything causing stress and therefore the release of cortisol and adrenaline, will compromise your sleep. Try to increasingly slow down in the evening by spending precious time with your family, reading (real) books, listening to music or any other possibilities, causing parasympathetic mode. Especially the blue light of your computer, notebook or smartphone will simulate a morning situation and release Cortisol and destroy the Melatonin. So we should avoid any screens at least the our before we go to sleep and try to get our bedroom as dark as possible. Red and infrared light, such as candle light, will increase the Melatonin production.

As well our body temperature goes down during the DEEP SLEEP and that’s why our bedroom should be cooled down to 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. Obviously, any activity such as workout, will increase our body temperature and not help to fall asleep. So the best time for any sport and workout is from the morning time to the early afternoon. Since the frequency of our brain goes down to 4 to 7 hertz during the DEEP SLEEP, we should take care about shutting down any electrical power in our bedroom (switch off the fuse, your WIFI etc.). DEEP SLEEP will just take place between 10 pm and 2 am so we should go to bed no later than midnight.

Late dinner especially with a high intake of short chain carbonhydrates will lead to a release of Adrenaline, Cortisol and especially Insuline and holding you back from falling asleep. If you`re getting hungry in the evening, go for cooked vegetables („Minestrone“) or eggs (boiled, scrambled etc.). One portion of healthy carbohydrates (have a look at the green chart of the nutritional design by Dr. Nischwitz). Especially sweet potato and rise have a positive effect on the parasympathetic mode, implied that it is the only carbohydrate-based meal of the day, by increasing the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin and GABA. A little amount of Alkohol (especially red wine) will help you to fall asleep, but will kill your DEEP SLEEP if exceeded to more than one glass. Sex in the evening is great since it will release Oxytocin which counteracts Cortisol. As well Prolactine and Serotonine will be released and help you to improve your DEEP SLEEP.
Of course you shouldn’t drink any coffee later than noon because the caffeine will produce Adrenaline and Cortisol and will elevate your resting heart rate and blood pressure. The same for green and black tea as well for chocolate. By taking 75 to 100 mg L-Theanine you’ll be able to counteract the negative impact of coffee, tea and chocolate if needed. As well a healthy gut is more than important for a good DEEP SLEEP since the microbiom is producing more neurotransmitters than our brain (Dopamine, Serotinone, GABA etc.).

Tips for a better sleep

Finally, some Vitamins and other nutrients could help us for a better sleep:
– CBD oil will improve our DEEP SLEEP and reduce the latency (time needed to fall asleep)
– Vitamin A plays an important role in the circadian rhythm and the whole sleep stages
– B6 improves the synthesis of Serontonine which is the preliminary stage of Melatonine. The same counts for Omega 3, B3, D3 and Magnesium.
All cofactors can be found in the Combination product Bone & Teeth.
– Especially the Vitamin D3 is great since it`s not just changing 5-HTP into Serotonin but as well activating our parasympathetic mode!

• Nuts (not peanuts) are also highly recommended as they contain the precursor of serotonin, the tryptophan.

• Valerian, Lavender, Passiflora, Ginkgo Biloba, St. John’s and Ashwaeaganda Royal also have a calming effect on our body and promote deep sleep.

• Glycine lowers the body temperature and thus guides the organism more easily into deep sleep. By drinking a glass of Amino Supreme (link – available here) on an empty stomach in the morning, all important amino acids for neurotransmitter synthesis are provided. And by adding a splash of lime water it will improve the taste and your body will stay longer basic.
• Pine wood diffuses an essential oil for about 100 years, which calms and promotes sound sleep. Therefore, in the Austrian and Swiss Alps, the bedrooms and beds used to be made from this wood. Today you can set up pine wood shavings soaked in pine wood oil in the bedroom or use cushions filled with Swiss stone pine chips:

Pine wood bed “Johanna” Boxspring


The key factor in good sleep is the sleep hormone melatonin. As soon as it gets dark, molecules in the eye signal to the diencephalon to form the sleep hormone out of the happiness hormone, serotonin. There are the pinealocytes in the pineal gland (epiphysis), which release more melatonin at nightfall. The pineal gland calcified by fluorine and an oversupply of calcium, which is why we have neither included calcium in our supplements nor allow fluorine in our toothpastes, etc. In daylight the melatonin concentration decreases strongly. This explains the importance of abstinence from bright light with high levels of UV and blue light in the evenings and a maximum darkened bedroom!

Now as we trace the chain further, it becomes clear that we need to have enough serotonin to provide enough ground substance for the formation of melatonin. Our body’s own serotonin forms our organism from the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan has to cross the so-called blood-brain barrier to get from the bloodstream to the central nervous system. Once there, enzymes convert tryptophan into serotonin. In addition to enzymes, nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B3 and B6 and magnesium can also help. If your body produces enough serotonin, you will feel calmer and more relaxed. In contrast to melatonin, serotonin formation occurs during the day. The darker it gets, the more melatonin comes from serotonin. Thus, it becomes clear that regardless of the good sleep it is already “decisive for the fight” to produce enough serotonin, which is also called happiness hormone!

How do I maintain a high serotonin level?

The brain or the intestine must produce the serotonin itself, there is no way around it. For this, it needs as co-factors vitamins and minerals. Since about 95% of serotonin is produced in the intestine, it is very important that the intestine is healthy to be able to produce the hormone. A  healthy and balanced diet is a requirement to promote a healthy and diversified intestinal flora. Recent studies have shown that it makes even more sense to provide “pre-biotics” to the gut, so make fiber available to the intestinal bacteria, instead of only “pro-biotics”, ie living intestinal bacteria, which are only in the intestine and can establish, if there is sufficient food in the form of fiber for our little helpers. A serving of BioPro Supreme (linking) supplies six different strains of intestinal bacteria and also a large amount of Prebiotics. To regenerate the entire gastrointestinal tract, there is also an extra portion of glutamine included as well as enough protein and amino acids on a vegetable base, which is especially important for vegans and vegetarians who often just have an amino acid deficit. Prebiotics, strictly speaking “insoluble fiber” not only feeds the intestinal bacteria, but they are being metabolized by them to short-chained fatty acids (SCFAs – Shor chain fatty acids) providing us with a direct gain of energy. A classic win-win scenario.

In other words, pro-biotics are viable microorganisms that are necessary in the gut. Pre-biotics are “non-digestible food components that favorably influence their host by specifically targeting the growth and / or activity of one or more bacterial species in the colon, thus improving the health of the host” (Wikipedia). Therefore, in the, by us developed, BASIC IMMUNE we use as a carrier cellulose (just as we do for our capsule cases of the SUPZ INSIDE products), which is a pre-biotics, and ensures that all the co-factors for the production of serotonin are included in it. After taking Basic Immune, patients tell us they sleep better and regenerate faster:

Other substances that can be found in various foods, however, act as starting materials. Since serotonin is mainly made up of the amino acid tryptophan, we should pay attention to a sufficient intake of nuts and fish. The amino acid tryptophan is first converted in the body to the intermediate 5-HTP and later in the brain to serotonin. For this reason, we can also influence the serotonin concentration and thus the formation of melatonin via a sufficient concentration of these precursors.

Studies on this:

Apart from the positive effects on sleep, melatonin also affects the regulation of body temperature and blood pressure. Moreover, melatonin is important for the release of other hormones and for the immune system. During sleep, the body undergoes repair, muscle recover, important hormones are formed, and all cells are supplied with nutrients. Even the muscles grow when you have eaten protein and exercise during the day. At about 9 pm, our midbrain releases high levels of melatonin, the resulting fatigue drives you to bed to fall asleep quickly. At two o’clock in the morning, the concentration of melatonin reaches its peak: you are then in the deep sleep phase. During this period, the body is calm, it releases growth hormones and regenerates. Only after nine o’clock in the morning the melatonin concentration decreases due to the activation of cortisol, which keeps us busy during the day. The formation of cortisol is promoted by bright light with high blue light content, which is why we feel more alert and energetic on sunny days than on rainy and foggy days.

Thus, the optimal time to go to bed is around 10pm and adults should also seek sleep for 7 to 8 hours. It is best if you go to bed at the same time every day and avoid major fluctuations. Basically, the fall-asleep and sleep-through quality and time can also be improved by taking melatonin itself. In Germany doctors are only allowed to prescribe melatonin to their patients from the age of 55. Dietary supplements may contain up to 0.5 mg per capsule or tablet, but must contain specific information. The recommended dose is 1-5 mg approximately 1h before going to bed. No melatonin should be taken by people with epilepsy, autoimmune diseases like diabetes mellitus etc. Furthermore, the effect can be changed by blood thinners, antidepressants and the anti-baby pill.

How much deep sleep does a person need?

Deep sleep phases become shorter with the age. During sleep, about 16 to 25 year old people are about 35 percent in deep sleep phases. 36- to 50-year-olds, in turn, only about ten percent. Therefore, it is believed that aging is significantly related to the reduction of the deep sleep rate, because in this phase of sleep, the regeneration, muscle formation and release of the growth hormone HGH takes place. Therefore, one can definitely say that improving deep sleep brings a massive anti-aging effect. Here we see how, through my own ALL IN ONE operation in the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, I was able to increase my deep sleep percentage to a phenomenal 38% in the following days:

Studies have shown that hypnosis can increase the amount of deep sleep by up to 80%. Outstanding results were achieved by the sleep specialist hypnotherapist Prof. Angelika Schlarb, University of Bielefeld. Since you may not always have a hypnotist on hand, you can use effective meditation apps, such as on the mobile phone. Resorting to “INSIGHT TIMER” which offers excellent sleep meditations, such as white noise combined with ocean noise. In my own test with the Oura ring, this has increased my deep-sleep-proportion directly from night one on! Additional sleep apps can be found here:

Currently, we are in the preparation of a new supplement in a similar convenient dosage form as the BASIC IMMUNE, which will contain a combination of substances that stimulate melatonin formation and have a calming and sleep-promoting effect.

Furthermore, we plan to build a 4x4m sleeping-cube prototype: In the process, we will create a cube completely shielded against all radiation here in the rooms of the SWISS BIOHEALTH GROUP, which on the outside will resemble the style of the entrance of the SWISS BIOHEALTH CLINIC, but will be completely covered with pine wood on the inside. Also, the bed will be made of pine wood and will have no metal parts. This cube will be completely sound proofed and will play soothing sounds (such as ocean noise) inside a sound system. A dedicated air and climate system will provide a non-seasonal, constant temperature of 18 ° C as well as perfect oxygen content and ionized air. In the evening hours, the light will automatically have a high proportion of red light to promote melatonin formation, e.g. for those who still want to read in bed. Instead of an alarm clock, the light and sound system will gradually bring in increasingly brighter light with a high proportion of blue and UV light and bird sounds in the last 30 minutes before the desired wake-up time to take the sleeper through the REM phase into the awake state to reduce the proportion of guinea fowl in the blood and to increase the natural cortisol. However, the total sleep time will be dominated by a complete darkness.

In this sleeping cube, we will perform sleep tests and e.g. use the Oura ring to measure the level of deep sleep and sleep quality in general. If this cube brings significant improvements (which we assume), we will incorporate it into the SWISS BIOHEALTH APARTMENTS, allowing our patients to have an extremely restful sleep during their stay with us.

But we can also imagine that individuals will install such a sleeping cube in their bedroom to activate one of the key factors for best health and maximum performance and well-being.

Sleep well!

Your Ulrich Volz



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