Here is the second tip of my dad, how he protects his body from external stressors and how he keeps his immune system working in order to be resilient. Obviously, we cannot stay under a silver net protection 24/7, which leads me to the Vivobase. Vivobase is the perfect method to shield yourself from EMF all day, as it portable and allows you to plug it in anytime and anywhere. Everyone who has been at the Swiss Biohalth Clinic will know the Vivobase as we hand them out to our patiens for their ‘My Biohealth Week’. This is because they need an EMF free environment within their hotel rooms, in order to let the healing take place.  There is a smaller mobile version for the handbag with a radius of 1.5 meters, for your car with a radius of 4 meters and for the plug socket with a radius of 30-35 meters (so you even treat your neighbors?). I myself use the Vivobase plugged in in my bedroom, as well as the smaller mobile version for the handbag. I find the small mobile version for the handbag great, as it allows you to shield EMF from your body everywhere. Especially in a plain, it makes me feel better. So this just inverses the negative effect of EMF fields which you will immediately feel and you could test it as well with the sleep better App, which I will be explaining in my next post.

Daisy White (@anaprildaisy) explained the term electromagnetic smog in one of her previous posts on Instagram. She also refers to EMF being a great risk to our health, especially to the health of patients suffering from chronic illness, such as Lyme disease. See her post to get a really good explanation of electromagnetic smog, how it harms our health and what the Vivobase can do against it.

I wish you all a good day, Coco


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  1. Where can I buy this?

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