ethernet - surf without any radiation
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Tip #5 Ethernet

My dad is addicted to technology but he always asks us to use it in a smart way. One smart way would be to switch on flight mode and plug your iPhone into the ethernet and surf without any radiation but much faster!

Ethernet can be installed very easily and quickly. See the picture for the device which you can’t buy as a set but as single components. Read More Tip #5 Ethernet

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A classic – the JM CLASSIC VENEER: some of these veneers are extremely thin, while others are almost as big as a crown. They are translucent ceramic shells that are attached to the surface of the teeth using a special cementing technique.

Like contact lenses, a JM CLASSIC VENEER is between 0.3 and 1.2 mm thin. JM veneers enhance the natural tooth at medically necessary or aesthetically advantageous points. The dentist will only grind surfaces where it is absolutely imperative from a medical or aesthetic perspective. The precious, natural substance of the tooth is preserved wherever possible.

These proven ceramic shells can be used in almost any conceivable form to accommodate minor and major changes in tooth colour, shape or position.

What makes JM CLASSIC VENEERs special: the shell is built individually in several layers. To do this, we use a remarkably near-natural feldspar ceramic with an inher- ently radiant lustre.

Up to 20 different ceramic materials with varying translu- cence, chromaticism and shade are skilfully combined to most closely resemble the natural beauty of real teeth.
It can take just a few appointments with the dentist to acquire a new smile with JM CLASSIC VENEERs, oral conditions permitting. The necessary appointments are usually combined with ongoing treatment.

Firm attachment: state-of-the-art adhesive technology ensures superior longevity.

Each veneer is a unique piece with an absolutely natural look.


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Tip #3 Basic Immune

It’s time for tip #3.  Since our nutrition has become completely empty of micro- nutrients but our need has significantly increased due to the toxic environment we have to get used to taking supplements all life long. Because most of us are very deficient we first have to take the Basic Immune (which was developed by Dr. Klinghardt and my dad two years ago) and contains about 20 ingredients perfectly combined. Read More Tip #3 Basic Immune

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Tip #2 Vivobase

Here is the second tip of my dad, how he protects his body from external stressors and how he keeps his immune system working in order to be resilient. Obviously, we cannot stay under a silver net protection 24/7, which leads me to the Vivobase. Read More Tip #2 Vivobase

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Resilience, one of the most important terms used in medicine. I will be explaining the term based on an example. Imagine your body would be represented by a car. A few years ago, when there was no EMF and other external influences that harm our immune system, our body was stable and tough, so our body was a Land Rover amongst the cars. Read More Resilience